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Is eCommerce SEO for me?


XT4 partners and SEO experts, Sierra Six Media, will help you stop wasting valuable time on eCommerce SEO strategies that don't work.

Get instant access to SEO experts and watch your eCommerce SEO flourish.

We’re on a mission to get more transparency with SEO and online marketing, committed to getting your business more visible online, reporting directly on ROI.

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Maximise your eCommerce ROI with us

There is the perception that anyone can pay their way to the top of search results, which is why many people skip straight over PPC (Pay Per Click) results at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


eCommerce SEO might seem like a huge task, especially if you already have a website populated with tons of products; we’re here to streamline that process for you. With customisable tracking and attribution modelling, we’ll be able to directly attribute value to specific keywords and plan a strategy to maximise your ROI (Return On Investment).


Suitable for online shops including Shopify, Woo-commerce, and Magenta that need help optimising specific products or product categories. Suitable for those companies who require an SEO strategy to enhance their paid or social media marketing channels.

eCommerce SEO builds credibility

Significantly more people click on organic search results, and when your content appears at the top you gain more credibility from your audience than if you were to pay to appear at the top.


When you stop paying for PPC ads any website traffic you were receiving will stop and your website still isn’t on the first page of Google – you effectively disappear from the view of consumers.


Whereas if you have optimised your website with an    eCommerce SEO strategy and achieved good search engine placement your traffic won’t disappear immediately, even if you take a break from web dev.

As we know, consumers perform a google search when looking for a product or service, whether they’re searching for options, tips, or other information. If your website isn’t there on the first search engine results page (SERP) to greet them then it’s unlikely your site will be seen.


Your products may have a space on the world-wide-web, but are they discoverable?


eCommerce SEO helps you to reach your target audience without paying for ads and once people are on your site you just need good call to actions to turn that traffic into all important sales.

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Prioritise products

We'll audit your website to determine which pages receive the most traffic and discover which products are most searched for on your site. Perhaps there's a particular product line or category you'd like to focus on or a seasonal collection you'd like to optimise ahead of your competition. We'll work with you to form a strong strategy.

create a workflow

SEO is strategic at the best of times. Throw in ten's, hundreds or even thousands of products with images and watch the complexity increase. We'll create a practical workflow, incorporating your team, if need be, to deliver a well-thought out and organised SEO strategy to get your products in-front of your customers

access the competition

Your e-commerce SEO strategy should be designed to outwit the competition. We'll check out your top competitors’ sites and discover exactly what they're doing to get great SEO scores on their pages. We'll identify and implement ways to make yours, not only better, but more optimised for conversions.

conversion rate optimisation

Combining SEO with CRO gives you a powerful set of strategies to help you drive conversions and generate sales.


Getting traffic to an eCommerce site just doesn't cut the mustard in 2021 - we need to bring focus to what's actually on the page to drive sales as well as driving traffic.

They go hand in hand.


Contact us here for more details on how our Sierra Six Media SEO experts can help drive your eCommerce sales to those dizzy heights we all aim for.

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